Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Cryptoforce Game?

Cryptoforce is a visually stunning Play-to-Earn (P2E) game that merges the excitement of gaming with the opportunity to earn through gameplay. It offers both Player vs. Environment (PvE) and Player vs. Player (PvP) modes.

2. How do you earn in Cryptoforce?

Players can earn COF chips, the game's primary currency, by completing tasks and defeating mobs. These chips facilitate in-game transactions and can be earned while playing.

3. What are COF chips?

COF chips are the in-game currency used in Cryptoforce for almost all transactions, ranging from in-game purchases to rewards for completing tasks and defeating enemies.

4. Is there a trading system in Cryptoforce?

Yes, Cryptoforce features a unique eco-system for trading using the COF chip, allowing players to engage in universal trading and creating a dynamic marketplace within the game.

Has the contract been renounced?

Yes, $COF contract was renounced after the project launch.

Renouncing a smart contract means that the contract's creator will no longer have control over it, so no one can mint new tokens, rise taxes, blacklist wallets or other dangerous contract functions for investors and holders.

Is the liquidity locked?

Yes. You can check the lock from the link below.

What are the tax rates?

The purchase and sale tax is 4%. Transfers are also subject to tax. This tax is deducted in each transaction and is transferred to the company wallet at certain intervals to protect you from gas fees.

Where is this income used?

Developing a game/project continuously is a costly process. It is used for technical expenses such as team expenses, marketing, servers, and equipment purchases.

5. Can you develop your character in the game?

Absolutely. The game includes a comprehensive skill chain for character development. Players can enhance their characters' skills, earn daily profits, and grow continuously within the game.

6. What types of competition are available in Cryptoforce?

The game offers various competitive modes including player vs. player, clan vs. clan, 1v1 challenges, and team-based competitions like 2v2 and 5v5.

7. What is the Dark Zone mode?

The Dark Zone mode is an upcoming feature, evolving the battle royale concept. It involves missions broadcast online at specific hours, adding real-time strategy and competition elements.

8. Are there any tournaments?

Yes, Cryptoforce hosts various tournaments such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual tournaments, allowing players to showcase their skills, compete, and win prizes.

What is the total supply of COF tokens?

The total supply of COF tokens is 100 billion​​​​.

How is the price of COF determined?

The price of COF is calculated in real-time by aggregating the latest data across exchanges and markets using a global volume-weighted average formula​​.

9. Is Cryptoforce free to play?

Yes, it is free to play. You can download here.

10. Can I play Cryptoforce on mobile devices?

Our mobile game development continues. We will share it with you when it is completed.

11. Is there a social aspect to Cryptoforce?

Yes, the game promotes a spirited gaming community through its various competitive modes and clan systems, fostering social interactions among players.

12. What makes Cryptoforce different from other P2E games?

Cryptoforce stands out with its detailed character development, dynamic trading system, diverse competitive modes, and the integration of a real-time strategy element in the Dark Zone mode.

13. Can players form alliances or clans in Cryptoforce?

Yes, the game's focus on clan vs. clan competitions suggests that players can form alliances or clans to compete against others.

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What is the COF token?

COF is the native token of Cryptoforce, used within its Play-to-Earn gaming platform. Players can earn these tokens through various in-game activities.

Can COF tokens be transferred to external wallets?

Yes, players can transfer the COF tokens they earn in the game to their Metamask wallets. This feature is currently being developed​​.

How can I track the price and trading volume of COF?

Websites like CoinGecko and DEXTools provide live price charts, trading volumes, and other relevant data for cryptocurrencies including COF​​​​​​.

How secure are COF token transactions?

As with most blockchain-based transactions, COF token transactions are secured through the underlying technology of the Ethereum blockchain. However, users should practice standard security measures like using secure wallets and being cautious with transaction details.

100% of $COF tokens are in circulation.

Total Supply: 100 Billion $COF